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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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granddaughter. police will say multiple shots were fired and identified what hit her is part of the investigation. >> from there, i comfort her and everything. >> reporter: she shared this video with "abc 7 news." paramedics arrived shortly of after she called 911. in this photo you can see the skin is broken and irritated by whatever it was that hit her. >> making precautions that it is not fractured. >> she was taken to the hospital for further examination. all of this comes on the heels of a one-year-old boy being hit in the neck by a bullet. both he and nadia are expected to survive. the entire incident is still under investigation. >> katie: we have more on that one-year-old boy who was shot in
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the neck on thursday in richmond. he is back home this morning. the chile was on the couch at his grandparents house when bullets came through the window. one hit the baby. the family says they are moving out the iron triangle. the intended target was a man on his bicycle that was also shot and expected to survive. >> u.s. park police are investigating a shooting last night. the victim from the east bay managed to get to a restaurant to ask for help. she was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a leg wound. the national park service says it received calls around 9:00 from people who heard gunfire. so far police don't have any suspects in custody. two people killed in thursday's fiery crash on interstate 80 in davis were from petaluma. their crash happened when a big rig driver said he choked on food, passed out and hit three cars. the couple that was killed was remembered last night at their
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buddhist temple. here is more from santa rosa. >> dozens of mourners at the buddhist teller where he and his wife worshipped almost daily. the couple were more than parishioners, they founded temple 11 years ago. >> i feel like his work has not come to an end. this is such more. he needs to be with us. >> the couple was killed in a fiery crash near davis when a big rig lost control and crashed into the center guardrail hitting their bmw head-on. the big rig driver claims he kheoblgd on food. cards were left home at his home. neighbors say they were kind and
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loving. >> he loved his church. helped the homeless, very loving people. >> they came to california from laos 30 years ago and would help others navigate the immigration system. >> he knows how the system in u.s. works. >> reporter: she remembers a conversation with him just last week after they were preparing to mourn a temple member. >> he was kidding with me. i want you to help me with my funeral, too, and i say sure. he said it's not going to come anytime soon. >> according to tradition, the funeral for the couple will last seven days. big rig driver who hit them is from fresno and dmv says he was caught driving the on a suspended license and according to his facebook page is a recovering substance abuser. he has not been charged or cited
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in the accident. >> katie: an east bay family is saying their final goodbye to their daughter they lost in a military base shooting in virginia. a delta plane carrying the casket land at oakland international airport yesterday afternoon. they escorted the body to the home in the oaklandly area. 19-year-old was one two of marines killed by an instructor in virginia. the gunman is from pacifica. a navy seal killed in a training accident thursday was a member of the elite unit that killed osama bin laden two years ago. he died after colliding with another navy seal in midair. the other sailor survived and is in the hospital. they say the sailor that died was a member of seal team 6 but not clear if he took part in the
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raid that killed bin laden. >> ten dogs were saved from a house fire in concord. firefighters were called to a home on a hillsborough drive about 6:30 p.m. they found a bunch of smoke and several bulldogs. the flames from a pot on kitchen stove. nobody was hurt and the dogs are fine. >> we're learning more this morning about how a college student lied about being rape suffered real injuries. she claimed she was raped last month on the u.c. santa cruz campus. she had placed ads on craigslist one asking her to shoot her in the arm and the other one looking to someone to punch her in exchange for sex. she has been ordered to continued mental health counseling. a small girl and a young mother are alive and well this
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morning thanks to special training by the california highway patrol. you may not know every chp officer is a certified medical technician and he used his techniques to save two lives. the officer helped dislodge an object stuck in the threat of a small child and two weeks lighter he revived a woman after a minor car accident. >> everybody knows what to do. but i would suggest somebody to take a cpr class because it could be family that it happens to. >> he is an 18-year-old veteran of the highway patrol. the clock has turned 5:09. it's great to see we need you, frances dinglasan. >> increasing clouds even fog
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this morning. i'll have the details and what you need for your easter egg hunt coming up. >> katie: and threats from north korea are escalating. a new move against the united states. and the
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>> katie: new this morning, images of shroud of turin are being broadcast for the first time in 30 years. believers are convinced the shroud covered jesus's body. it's covered in different and
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bloodstains and bares the outline of a face. they used research to determine the cloth was a hoax from medieval times but an italian professor says those tests were performed on fibers to repair the shroud during the middle ages and not the -- the cloth itself is from jesus's time. >> the spot where jesus rose from the dead are filled with parishioners today. the vigil is held one day before easter sunday which celebrates the resurrection of christ. greek orthodox will celebrate easter in may. >> strong words and intriguing photo from an aggressive north korea. 100,000 troops in the capital marched shouting death to u.s. imperialists and this comes from the state run media. you can see kim jong un and a
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caption that appears to say strategic forces appear to hit the u.s. new propaganda video showing the north striking an american bomber. further south korean immediate yeah say the north may be preparing for another missile test. >> the mayor just came back from an island in france and now he is in china. lee begin his trip yesterday. he will be meeting with chinese leaders. he wants to lure chinese investors here and get a chinese bank to fund new housing developments and two former military bases. >> i'm going back here to potentially even to get another airline hooked in for international flights and get closer to an agreement on a project that is at hunters point. >> katie: he will also visit his father's ancestral village.
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he has about 30 people on his trip including willie brown. it's the end of an era. san francisco institution closes its doors today after 27 years. tommy toys was a hot place for celebrities. clint eastwood dined there and attracted politicians like senator dianne feinstein and willie brown. changing demographics have forced the restaurant to close. >> facebook is coming out with its own smart phone. it will announce it to the media next week. insiders say the phone will be made by hpc using a version of google android technology. it's designed to direct users to rely on facebook overcome pete go apps and services. >> things like an easter egg hunt for kids, right? not so fast, a discovery in san
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francisco has kids of all ages looking for a hidden gem. its door leading to wonder. >> reporter: this curious door in golden gate park has imaginations running wild. the door sits at the base. tree near the museum and academy of sciences. >> my mom found a picture on facebook and she thought it would be fun. >> a lot of people have been looking for it and giving their best guess as to who or what built it. that is the spirit or how about an elf. that is what he thinks. >> they look like -- they look like -- they look like christmas. >> they probably wear red and green and white with long hats. >> kind of like buddy the elf or
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flying wilson? these kids insist they know who is responsible for the door. >> he was just sitting next to us at a giants game and i live by the museum and there is a little tree and there is my house there. >> if this gnomo who he says he is, people have been leaving him messages. >> we will be waiting the response. >> katie: that was ama daetz reporting. they were saying the wood was carved by on knife but others say it was magic. one thing that is not magic. we have tools and equipment. live doppler 7 hd. >> if you are looking for that magic door today might be
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better. it's picking up on low level moisture and increasing clouds around the bay area, but not picking up any rainfall yet on the ground. however,, this will be changing today. in fact it looks like it's going to come in tonight. we see fog moving in from sutro camera looking down light on market street. the bay bridge obscured there. temperatures right now in the 50s. 52 in san francisco. 55 in san jose and 53 in santa cruz. now, we'll go down to street level and you saw the fog. here right along the embarcadero ferry building you see visibility is not a factor. it's also 52 in santa rosa. 57 in livermore. 56 in los gatos. here is what you can expect. clouds and fog for the morning, shower chances mainly tonight as opposed to this afternoon. that is a bit of change. wet on easter sunday if you have plans outdoors for sunday
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services. visibility right now, not too bad around the bay with the exception around the coast. three-mile visibility in half moon bay. we have an area of low pressure. this is slowly moving, the center of it towards the bay area. that is going to bring us increasing clouds and the rain. here is how it all plays out with the forecast model. if you have plans today, just look for cloudy conditions even through lunchtime, pretty dry. we are going to see the clouds bring in some rain. 5:00, still pretty dry. a chance of a spotty shower in the afternoon. then it looks like 9:00 tonight into tomorrow morning. that is when we'll start to see more showers. heaviest rain curing the morning hours and lunchtime things start to move east. you'll notice we see spotty showers throughout sunday through sunday evening. when all said and done, rainfall totals amount to tenth to half an inch for most of us.
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maybe an inch in north bay mountains. keep that in mind if you have outdoor plans and into tomorrow. temperatures in the low 70s. san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, look for upper 60s and san mateo 67. san francisco also a few degrees cooler. downtown 65. mostly cloudy conditions, as well. to the north bay, 66, petaluma. upper 60s in fremont and low 70s in interior valleys. also a few degrees down compared to yesterday. beautiful sunny day. temperatures will be milder tonight with extra cloud cover and rain. look for 50s around the bay area. here a accu-weather seven-day forecast. we've got the rain coming in tonight and then showers unfortunately all day tomorrow for easter sunday with possibility of thunder. then partly cloudy on monday and before another system comes in late wednesday bringing april showers on thursday that may
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continue into friday. >> katie: all right, you know we have this great new weather resource. >> you can follow abc7 at live doppler 7-hd on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions. rain or shine, i followed it with mine and video forecasts and spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> katie: coming up next, under the sea with the humboldt squid. amazing co
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>> katie: one of the largest seasonal employers is open this weekend. last week, the great america theme park was looking to fill 2500 jobs as the hospitality sector is booming. 1600 jobs were created in santa clara alone. >> jobs, for example, in the interview you have to be really outgoing and loud and vocal. a lot of people i know they are
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timid or reserved or loud around their friends. you have to be yourself. >> katie: summer job seekers have been finding jobs at jambo juice. they want too hire more teenagers. 75% of the people are first time hires. great america will be opened seven days a week in may. >> another sector is booming game developers conference wrapped up and jonathan bloom tells us the words now hiring are everywhere. >> between the sounds of gunfire and the young women lifesavers there is more serious purpose for here at game developers conference. >> i'm trying to get work so i can pay off my student loans. >> finding a job that bring fantasy characters to life and turn couch potatoes into
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superheroes. it may sound tough until you see this. a career pavilion packed with companies looking for razor sharp professionals and yes, even students. >> college senior rosa has been getting a lot of attention. >> every company has something different to offer. >> they say the career pavilion is the busiest it's ever been. >> there is more companies in the business than ever. >> experts say the explosive growth is hardly because games aren't recession proof. they are one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. it turns out more people are playing than ever before. >> gamers are hanging on later. a guy would hit 30 and i need to give up my toys but now the average gamer is 30 years old. men and women are playing games. >> reporter: a spokesman says in
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part that is because games have gotten more interesting. they aren't just about shooting or jumping anymore. they are like interactive movies all the new players mean one thing. >> we are looking for artists and producers and pretty much you name it. >> katie: in central oregon last weekend a flatbed truck rolled spilling an oversized load of beehives. half a billion honeybees most of them were luckily in boxes. it took about 12 hours to clean up the mess. each had to be checked to make sure it had a queen. the driver of the truck was not hurt in the accident but he was given a ticket. so what is life like for a squid? you probably asked yourself, a stanford biologist strapped a
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critter cam to see how they behave. some of his findings from his research, the squids flicker, they communicate with red and white flashes. while this prefers to glide around the ocean it has bursts of speed reaching 45 miles an hour. scientists say ocean warming has caused the squid to migrate from peru to northern california. coming up next, very real threat of a tsunami. a tsunami striking the california coast. what you can do to be ready for the next one.
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>> katie: welcome back. we're starting off this half-hour with the weather. here is frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. get the wet weather gear ready because you will need it most likely tonight. even live doppler picking up a lot of moisture in the low level clouds. rain is not falling yet but it is on its way. here is a live look from sutro down to san francisco, we are starting off with low clouds and fog. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to mid-60s. this afternoon increasing clouds with a chance of showers. temperatures will be quite a bit cooler compared to yesterday. so low 60s to near 70 degrees. then a chance of showers increase likely later on as we head into sunday and what you can expect for easter sunday but i'll show but the timing with the model. >> katie: thank you. it was 40 years ago that u.s. troops came home from vietnam.
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veterans in san jose are marking the occasion by unveiling a new war memorial honoring local troops. a ceremony will take place in san jose. good morning. >> good morning to you. 142 local soldiers who died in the war will be forever honored by this monument behind me. it's blocked out by fences but later today it will be officially unveiled. we have video from a few weeks ago when crews were putting on the final touches on the monument called sons of san jose. it stands six feet tall and 13 feet long. the names of the soldiers that lost theirs lives fighting in vietnam are etched in the black granite memorial. the name of one soldier who is still missing in action. the group behind the monument buy it so veterans and families who lost loved ones will know their sacrifices will never be forgotten. >> the guys who came back from
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vietnam war were not recognized the way they are today. we want to make sure they get that recognition, that people understand that the men and women went to fight in that war did so for their country. >> reporter: volunteers raised more than $75,000 to help build the monument. it will be unveiled today. more than 300 people expected including veterans and local dignitaries and mayor will be here. it's east of hp pavilion from noon until 2:00 today. >> katie: new this morning, president obama is wishing a happy easter to christians in his weekly address. president says the easter and passover holidays give millions a chance to slow down and recommit themselves to loving their neighbors. >> this weekend i hope we're all able to take a moment to pause
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and reflect, to embrace our loved ones. to give thanks to our blessings and to rededicate ourselves to interests larger than all. to all of those, we wish you a joyful easter. >> nebraska congressman gave the republican address. he is calling for the approval of the keystone xl pipeline. he says the project would create tens of thousands 6 jobs. obama placing is considering whether or not to approve it. >> you have seen video of devastating tsunamis like this one that hit japan two years ago this month. experts say it's only a matter of time before a big one hits california. today is the last day of tsunami awareness week. this morning at 10:00, san francisco residents and emergency management officials will walk along the city's evacuation route.
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in our report, meteorologist mike nicco tells us about the round the clock watch for the one that could be coming our way tsunamis in japan have shown the destruction that can come from powerful earthquakes. buildings ripped from their foundations and pulled into the sea. hundreds of thousands of dead. survivors left with no place to go. but tsunamis don't just happen in the far pacific. in 1964 a devastating tsunami struck crescent city without warning. 50 years later another one hit the same harbor. locals new it was coming. cindy is with west coast tsunami center. >> it monitors it 24/7 and issues tsunami warnings if an earthquake magnitude is to barnt concern. >> they analyze and connects data from buoys in the pacific
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to see if a tsunami is heading our way. >> so california could experience a damaging local tsunami with anything to 7 above this is from the pacific rim including the alaska trench, japan, russia, chile even. >> the threat is real. what could happen if a tsunami hit the bay area. airports may have to close and homes will have to be evacuated. inland, streams and rivers may flood. in 2011, santa cruz harbor was warned about the japanese tsunami, that saved lives but did not prevent millions of dollars in damage. a larger tsunami could devastate the heart this beach town. >> some of the modeling indicates the height of the tsunami could be 25-30 feet. >> logan is with the national weather service in monterey. this office is responsible for tsunami warnings in the bay
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area. >> we are looking at time of turn around on the issue of ordering of ten minutes or less. >> air sirens will sound and many low lying cities signs warning of danger. >> you don't have a lot of time to figure out exactly what you are going to do. that is the reason we do the plaque for it. >> san francisco could be hit by a tsunami on three sides, from ocean beach, from crissy field and marine district. for that reason, emergency services review their tsunami plan every year. >> you can plan for it all the time and nature will still blow that completely out of the water. >> katie: several things you can do to protect yourself. to find out what the tsunami threat where you live, go to and look under see it on tv. there we have links to some helpful maps. >> in santa cruz county, people
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are bracing for a long dry summer. city water officials are proposing restrictions on nonessential water use because of historically low precipitation. it could mean no watering lawns in the day and draining swimming pools. long time residents have an idea what to expect because they've been through it before. >> we went through it in the '70s and '80s, it's an ongoing thing here. >> if we're going to have to restrict, fine, but things are going to die, brown lawns again. >> katie: it's estimated the restrictions from may to october could save 100 million gallons of water. >> new this morning, more than 180 volunteers will go for a good cause. children's hospital is hosting a head shaving event with the goal of raising $250,000 for a foundation.
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foundation is largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants. shaving starts at 11:00 this morning at the hospital on 52nd street. >> coming up next, danger on the crime beat. "abc 7 news" learned why police radios don't always work. live look outside on this saturday morning. hd roof cam looking out over the embarcadero, the ferry building and bay bridge. it is foggy and cloudy. 52 degrees. frances dinglasan will have the
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>> katie: in oakland police have complained their radios have not been working properly. an independent report confirmed that cellphone tons are the culprit. >> the problem surrounded the radios were magnified the day that president obama appeared. they handled problems that could arise from protestors. many of the officers said they had trouble communicating on their two-way radios. there have been numerous complaints before about the glitches of the new radio system that had been installed the year before. it had been riddled with interference and glitches right
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from the start. barry heads the police officers association. >> they basically use the mic and it doesn't work for a variety of different reasons. you don't know the time it's going to break down. >> this confirms what the city found after a month after. that cell sites were affecting the radio system. that their signals were bleeding into radio channels causing interference. as of two months ago, 43 cell sites have been tested. half of them were resolved. most were at&t towers. he says communication may have improved but his officers still have no confidence in the system. there was another failure wednesday night. >> once again, the system went down. specifically on the eastern end of our city, system wasn't working for a few minutes again. >> reporter: city councilmember is encouraged that there has
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been progress. >> this system is working better than it was before but the fact we are still having failures of this magnitude is just not acceptable. >> this memo says overall reports of trouble from the field dropped 85% after many of the cell towers were modified. the poa and councilmember says oakland ought to look into the regional system that contra costa and alameda counties use. >> katie: early on this saturday morning, one that may want you to stay in bed. a lot of folks will be heading out today. if you are headed to an easter egg hunt. better news. we are starting off foggy at the golden gate bridge. i'll tell you when rain and chances of showers will hit your neighbors. >> katie: also ahead. buster posey is set for life financially after signing with the giants. mike shumann has the details and
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the bay area bridge
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>> katie: welcome back. it's 5:46. thanks for joining us. you are looking live from the emeryville camera this morning. visibility is actually okay on the ground so you should be fine if you are driving this morning. 54 degrees in oakland, a little better off than 52 degrees in san francisco. folks need to know what is happening out there morning. there are some egg hunts happening today but tomorrow especially. tomorrow is going to be very different. >> i think the rain will hold off through the morning hours and into lunchtime.
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show you the latest forecast model and what you can expect. we'll go out to live doppler 7-hd and it's pretty active out there. we have low level moisture just not quite hitting the ground. areas in green, but we will see more green throughout the day and some of this will be hitting the ground later on this afternoon into this evening. here is another live shot for you with some low clouds and fog there as we look down towards san francisco. a little bit more obscure right now. in the background. san francisco 52. san carlos at 55. half moon bay at 50. along the coast is where visibility is limited down to 3 miles. around the bay, not as bad. here is a live shot of the bay bridge. you can see pretty clearly here. right now it's 55 in fairfield and 55 in union city, as well. here is what i can expect for the day. you want to be prepared for the
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wet weather with the clouds and fog this morning, looks like the chance of showers really hit the bay area tonight. it is going to be wet unfortunately most of the day tomorrow, so that is not great news for easter egg hunts, today is better chances. the rain will slowly move in the bay area and i'll show you how it plays out with the forecast model. check it out today. just a lot of clouds. not too much rainfall beishgh this afternoon we may see a spot at this shower around the bay area with areas of light green. this model shows pretty dry conditions into tonight. then that is when we start to see more rainfall and chance of rain coming in from the coast in towards san francisco. midnight, cloud cover increases and most of the rainfall early sunday morning and areas of yellow. 5:00 through lunchtime it will
5:47 am
push out of the bay area but still wet for sunday services in the morning and then sunday night it clears out, possibly a left over shower on monday morning. when this is all done, we're talking about a tenth to half an inch of for most of the bay area with the exception of an inch up in the north bay mountains. not a huge rainmaker but the timing of it not great for easter sunday. possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow. low 70s in the south about a. 69 in redwood city. temperatures coming down a few degrees, as well. san francisco 65. look for cloudy conditions if the north bay. 67 in novato. upper 60s to near 70. union city at 69 and east bay, low 70s. five degrees cooler compared to yesterday, 70 in san ramone. if you are heading to the coliseum, you want to have the wet weather gear ready. as you saw with the latest model it looks like it's going to be
5:48 am
mostly dry throughout the game with temperatures near 65 degrees when it starts at 5:05 today. >> here is the seven-day forecast. rain on its way but mainly tonight. i think we're going to be okay today. showers and thunder unfortunately for easter sunday and then partly cloudy on monday drier on tuesday. storm system moves in late wednesday bringing april showers on thursday. continuing possibly into friday. >> katie: thanks so much. sports now, this afternoon the giants and a's wrap up bay bridge series at oakland coliseum. the final game before the regular season starts on monday. last night the giants hosted the a's at at&t park. and after signing buster posey to a long time deal. >> good morning, the giants made sure the heart and soul of their team, buster posey signed them
5:49 am
for a nine-year extension for $167 million. they have no-trade clause. bay bridge series, game two, barry zito facing a.j. griffin. and lowery made a nice diving stop. a's led in the sixth after a brandon crawford double. crawford scores from second. the game is tied at 1. nick noonan brings one home. he had a triple and 3-1 giants take game two. >> florida gulf coast their magical run in the south region. the fans were armed. eagle were up by 11.
5:50 am
here is the first lead of the game. second half, kenny with layup and foul. 33-26 florida. then ices it by banking off the back of a florida gulf coast player. florida wins 62-50. michigan in the south region kansas jayhawks. kansas led almost the entire game. three minutes to go but michigan erases the deficit. he got it! ties the game at 76 and we go to overtime. michigan kept it going. wolverines are up by 3. johnson takes it to the hoop and kicks it out for the win -- not going to happen. michigan comes from behind to upset kansas, 87-85. is oregon shocked a lot of people to get to the sweet 16
5:51 am
and they ran into louisville. he had no answer for russ smith. 31 points. he had 11 and wolves are moving to the elite 8, 77-67 that final. steve marriuchi at michigan state and, stef curry draining it from older brother. brandon dawson alley-oops it but seth took over. 289 points and duke advances to the elite 8 with a victory. >> that the way the ball bounces. have a great weekend. i'm mike shumann. >> katie: this weekend is your chance to see the best free style skiers in the world and it won't cost you a penny. the event is the u.s. free style championship. heavenly sent us this video of
5:52 am
the event. some of them scheduled for tomorrow have been moved up to today due to the incoming storm. it's talking place at the bottom of the mountain. all you have to do is park and walk up to see the action for free. >> we have had it here since 2004 and marks the return of big time events to lake tahoe with the alpine championships up here last week. now, the free style championships this week, we're showing that tahoe is the time of venue that can hold these world class events. >> many olympic hopefuls will be performing. coming up next, a feast for the beast. the beast. oakland zoo is letting [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> katie: here be the winning numbers from last night. mega number was 21.
5:55 am
nobody correctly picked all six and tuesday is estimated at $42 million. >> new this morning, it's the one day of the year visitors are encouraged to feed the animal. annual feast for the beast takes place from 9:00 to 3:00. today the first 250 guests will receive a golden to allowing them to place treats inside the elephant exhibit. grand opening of a new exhibit, animals of the tree. next at 6:00, another innocent victim, little girl caught up in a neighborhood shooting. better put some waterproof dye on the easter eggs. frances dinglasan is following live doppler 7-hd.
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>> katie: good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm katie marzullo. let's start off with first look at the weather, here is frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. we are starting off with live doppler picking up a lot of moisture from the clouds moving in toward the bay area. still no rainfall hitting the ground. you'll find some of the low clouds over emeryville as we look out towards the bay bridge. visibility not too much of a factor around the bay. you might find limited visibility along the coast. starting off foggy and cloudy with temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. this afternoon the chance of showers moves in, but it is looking less likely to hit during the afternoon hours. it will be cooler getting up to near 70 degrees. lots of sunshine yesterday. today it is a lot cooler and
5:59 am
showers more likely this evening. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. i'll show you the timing how it will play out in the next full forecast. >> katie: ten-year-old girl is recovering this morning after gunfire rang out in her east oakland neighborhood. she was grazed by a bullet on her shoulder. it happened yesterday near the coliseum at 82nd avenue and "a" street. nick smith reports. >> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m., witnesses say shots were fired in east oakland. sky 7 hd was above where bullet casings littered the ground below. sharon heard the gunfire and feared the worst. >> i heard it and reacted and came out. where are my children? >> what she found ten-year-old granddaughter dala frightened and complaining of burning feeling. >> she got grazed in the shoulder. >> she and


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